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Family Social Work

LYNC Coop works with people and communities who feel overwhelmed by intense events that they are experiencing in their lives. These intense events are broken down in a way that clients gradually regain control and are assisted to be able to recognize and seek intervention that they require. LYNC will assist clients as they:

  • Explore ways of how this intervention could take place. Where required, clients are directed towards the specific services that can be reached to effectively cope with their challenges/s.
  • Provide practical support, encouragement and empowerment to ensure that the action plan is made clear and is put in practice.
  • Ensure that the action plan is constantly evaluated in relation to the improved quality of life being experienced by the clients.

The sessions have helped us mainly to acknowledge our differences. This has helped us accept each other's misdoings better, it has helped us to understand our children's reactions and why some things work better with one child than with another. We were given a personal emotional family map with which we can tread carefully along. We greatly appreciate the respect shown to our belief system to ensure that the process the process is in sync with our core values. Apart from this, it has boosted our morale as parenting partners as we were given credit for the tough work we have carried out along the years.

Pauline and Ray 2016

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