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Parental/Family Coaching

Many of us appreciate the fact that we are living in a fast paced and fast changing society, wherein we are driven to constantly keep up with the growing daily demands that such a lifestyle brings with it.

People are consistently expected to conform and perform. It is no small wonder why we find ourselves struggling to meet heightened expectations that are inherently unrealistic. This inevitably causes many of us to feel exhausted, disenchanted, discouraged, disconnected and depressed. Parents are not exempted!

LYNC offers an ACPI certified coach who is trained to:

Coaching is transformational and beneficial

LYNC coaching works towards achieving your goals based on what a fulfilling life looks to you. We will identify specific plans and ways of thinking that will move you towards achieving your desired goals. Since our focus will be on the present, we will not, as a general rule, direct our attention to past injuries or missteps. Looking at the past helps, however, staring at it is detrimental to the coaching process.

Notwithstanding the focus on the present, an outcome of coaching is that healing of old history does take place. Even though coaching is found to be therapeutic it is not therapy. For this reason, LYNC has set up a referral system to be able to refer those clients who would greatly benefit from specialized therapeutic services.

Our structure of coaching is flexible

We will design a coaching plan that meets your individual needs and schedule. The basic design consists of:

Coaching sessions are usually every 1-2 weeks, with each session lasting between 30 minutes to an hour. The sessions may take place at the coaching office, or over skype calls or even through home visits. Sessions may be focused on one specific challenge you are facing, or on a much broader set of family issues. Coaching relationships generally last from three weeks to several months. The nature of the goals and the changes you wish to make will determine the length of time that makes sense for you.

Benefits to parents

Benefits to Parents – Separation/Divorce

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I highly recommend to you this outstanding parenting coach, Julian Xuereb, as a mentor for two reasons. Firstly, his keen insight and vast professional experience with families can pinpoint basic issues or problems immediately, especially when families find issues or circumstances overwhelming. Secondly, Mr.Xuereb’s heart-felt calling for improving parents’ and children’s loving connections provides all of his clients a direct experience of clear communication to model, gentle questions to clarify, and powerful solutions to apply. Mr.Xuereb is a compassionate mentor!

Dr. Caron Goode, NCC- Author, Nurture Your Child’s Gift (2008) and Raising Intuitive Children (2009)

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